Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Society Makes And Reports The News With CamPhones

From WNEP.com PhotoLink with camera-phones

This is similar to Scoopt's service. Society is the news and also reporting it through blogs and pictures

Did you photograph breaking news with your camera-phone? Send those images to Newswatch 16 and we may use them on the air or on the web

Just send them straight to PHOTOLINK@WNEP.COM
(or you can use PL@WNEP.COM, it's easier to key in).

For all Pondering Primate readers. If you have a camera phone and want to be part of a fun site I'm putting together, let me know.

I have come up with an idea that can be fun and entertaining. There's no cost, no registration involved. Email Me to be included with the beta testing of this site

I will send out instructions as soon as site is up and running.

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