Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wanted: Creative Mind For All Print Media

From The New York Times.com Gimmicky magazine inserts aim to grab page flippers

Where did the creativity on Madison Avenue go?

Next month, Rolling Stone and Us Weekly magazines will feature a new ad from the WB network that readers will have a hard time ignoring. Headlights on an illustration of a car will flicker as music plays and characters from "Supernatural," a new drama on the WB, offer sound bites about the spooky program.

The ad represents "something that is not just going to sit on your coffee table," says Lew Goldstein, co-president of marketing for the Time Warner Inc. network.

Did you know that every page in every magazine, newspaper, can become an interactive advertising vehicle without changing ONE thing to the ad? Want to know how?

Readers have long been able to shun magazine ads by simply turning the page. But advertisers are seeking more ways to command busy consumers' attention in the digital age. "Ink on paper really doesn't cut it when everyone has cellphones, Game Boys and Internet interactivity,".

So try advertising ON THE CELLPHONE.

Print advertising is dying. Can't these creative advertising whizes figure out that when you combine print advertising with a cellphone you will capture an even greater market share. You will be able to interact with your customer.

Instead of trying to make the customer change HIS habits to get attention, why not change YOUR method of advertising.

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