Friday, August 12, 2005

Scanbuy Offers More Features

Scanbuy getting some good press. This is what mobile marketing needs to get the physical world connected.

Time to bring your phone food shopping

Just when you were figuring out how to take pictures and read emails on your phone, those technology wizards are at it again – and this time they want your phone to not only give you product and pricing information,but also to replace your credit card.

The software would also allow these companies to play a radio or television ad for that product.

But what about every day uses? You could store your entire shopping list, then comparison shop across 4 or 5 different stores (and even include e-grocers who deliver) – and then select the supermarket who has the best price without even walking down the aisles.

And then with a touch of a button, you could buy that item (pick it up or have it delivered) and pay for it – all through your phone

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