Monday, August 22, 2005

Chase Credit Card Offers Mobile Alerts

I saw an ad on TV tonight that Chase is now offering alerts sent to your mobile phone.

Not only is it a great idea, but if just one person is alerted to suspicious activity immediately instead of next month statement, it would pay pay for itself.

What I see is Chase offering a free service, that will lead to permission mobile marketing if they do it right. See how a brand gets permission?

What are Chase Credit Card Free Alerts?

Free Alerts are notifications about your account sent by e-mail or phone. E-mail alerts in text format can be sent to your e-mail address, mobile phone, pager or PDA to keep you informed about your account.

If you select Phone alerts, we'll call you with the important account information you requested at the number you designate. Free Alerts can remind you when your payment is due, notify you when your balance reaches a set amount, and much more.

With Free Alerts, you're always in the know and you can choose the Alert preferences that are right for you. The service is free* and can be discontinued at any time. There are six credit card Alerts to choose from.

You can select the Alerts below you'd like to receive:

My available credit is less than ($ USD) <____>.
My available credit is less than <____> % of my total credit limit.
My balance reaches ($ USD) <____>.
More than ($ USD) <___> is charged to my card for a single transaction.
My payment is due in days.
No payment was posted to this account.
A payment has been posted to this account.


Anonymous said...

I knew they would come up sooner or later on this. It was just a matter of time til they "got it." I would definitely sign up a service like that and, say, anything over $100, for example, would have them call you immediately for verification that you're the person making the transaction. Your cell phone becomes that extra security feature. It'd be a lot less hassle than to try deal with the aftermath of an identity/credit card theft, of which I was a victim of fraudulent charges. :(


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CreditGuy said...

To my mind, this one is a wonderful option for those who have a bad memory. As for me I use it to avoid letters by mail. I wouldn't like anyone to find and read them.