Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mobile Search Gets Attention

From Web search hits the streets

Like thousands of others, Raciti has become a daily Google texter, ever since she discovered the mobile search service on Google's Web site earlier this month. "My phone doesn't have Internet, so this is the answer," she says

Mobile search is poised to become the next big offshoot of the profitable pool of Internet search.

But how?..Mobile search is more a navigational act than search. A completely different type of info will be provided, along with how it is requested.

The numbers are there: The U.S. has 180 million cell phone users compared to 125 million PCs. The only hitch is that U.S. cell phone users are still relatively uncomfortable with using their phone for anything but making calls, largely because the phone's small screens make searching the Web difficult

But SMS, or short messaging service, could change that. SMS was developed in the early '90s and allows users to send messages up to 160 characters using mobile gadgets. "Texting" in a search request with SMS is a snap to learn

EVERY PHONE has the ability to text, no Web access is required. My opinion is that SMS search will be how mobile search gets traction. There are some companies that have realized this and have created some exciting ways to implement.

Believe it or not, the World does not revolve around Google in this space.

Stay tuned

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