Monday, August 22, 2005

Less Push And A Lot More Pull

From Brands offered a new way to go mobile

Brands which want to go mobile are being offered a new service from mobile network Orange and agency Netsize

The partnership will offer brands the ability to appear as if they have a direct presence on the mobile Internet, when in fact the underlying access is provided by Orange, which gets revenues, and the customer experience goes through Netsize, which gets the contract

Leading brands want to be present on the mobile internet and are looking for partners like Netsize who can provide an end-to-end solution including content management, billing, integration, site creation, hosting and managing relations with mobile operators on an international scale

Just "being present on the mobile" is not enough. Brands will have to be creative in order for consumers to INTERACT with them via the mobile.

Push based advertising is out, pull based advertising is in if you want your brand to capture the next emerging adverting space, the cell phone

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