Tuesday, August 23, 2005

William Morris Agency Goes Mobile

From WorldScreen.com William Morris Agency enters deal with mobile content outift

This is a great sign for mobile marketing. When the major ad agencies start partnering with mobile marketing companies, instead of trying to do it themselves.

The William Morris Agency is working to secure strategic and marketing partnerships as well as content deals for Amp’d Mobile, a mobile entertainment company specifically targeted to the 18 to 35 set.

I hope Amp'd offers better ideas to WMA than what they highlight on their own website. Their site is way too slow, too difficult to navigate, and that's using a broadband connection.

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Anonymous said...

True, but at least it's better than foote, cone, and belding's site. For years their site has been terrible. Now they have a real embarrassment up there - the #1 no no in Web design: Put up an "under construction" sign.

No, FCB. You stick with the crap you have until you're ready to roll out your new site. How can an agency so experienced and with so much money be so stupid about their Web presence?

Sorry for the tangent.