Thursday, August 11, 2005

ShotCode And Paragin Launch PHONifier

Ever tried to surf the web on your mobile device? Ever noticed how webdevelopers hardly seem to care you're visiting their webpages on a mobile device?

PHONifier is an application that should make your mobile web life easier. More and more mobile phones have internet access, yet there are very few webdevelopers that really seem to care about the mobile surfer.

WHO is using PHONifier? is the first site to use PHONifier. ShotCodes are small circular barcodes for mobile cameraphones

So why don't we do their work for them? PHONifier optimizes webpages for mobile
phones... On the fly

WHAT can you do with PHONifier?

PHONifier was initially developed to optimize webpages automatically. You set to be your mobile homepage and then surf the web through the PHONifier proxy.

Alternatively, you could install the PHONifier script on your server to have it automatically update your webpages when a mobile device tries to access them.
Other uses we're working on are:
- use PHONifier as an RSS/Atom reader

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