Monday, August 22, 2005

What Is Verisign Up To?

From Yahoo News Verisign eyes seamless Wi-Fi cellular roaming

The What Ifs are endless if this happened.

Playing the role of stalking horse for wireless carriers, VeriSign last week announced trials at three major universities to integrate on-campus Wi-Fi to any wide-area wireless carrier network for data and voice roaming between networks

Although the Wireless IP Connect Service will be used primarily to link mobile and Wi-Fi networks, it can also connect to a wireless carrier any device with an IP connection.

I am envisioning all of those RFID tags that Verisign will provide URL's for. Every object with an RFID tag will have its own IP address someday, registered by Verisign.

Could Verisign create a ubiquitous computing society? Is this how the physical world gets "turned on"?


Anonymous said...

You mentioned RFID tags registered by Verisign - is this registered via Neom's Global Registry or independent of Neom? I don't understand the technology well enough to answer this.

Scott Shaffer said...

Verisign will assign URL's (web domains) to RFID tags.

Think of this as the Network Solutions (domain registry) for RFID.

Eventually every can of Campbell tomato soup will have an RFID tag on/in it and it will also have a web address....

Nokia and Motorola are developing phones that can scan an RFID tag.

What Campbell's wants to do with that powerful combination I do not know.

Think of every can of soup as a webpage for Campbell, and then think of Microsoft's slogan "where do you want to go today?"

My mind can think of endless applications a brand could offer when a physical object gets "turned on"

How about you?