Friday, August 05, 2005

Is Howard Stern Really The King Of ALL Media?

From Howard Stern TV show moves exclusively to video on demand

Great idea, but don't call him the "King of all Media" anymore.
. Howard Stern found a way to reach 5-7m satellite radio users, but there are 181 million cell phone users in the States. How many 18-35 year old cell phones is he missing out on?

So until Howard Stern goes mobile, he loses his reign as "King of all Media", let's change to "king of most media".

Howard Stern fans will soon be able to tune in the shock jock’s TV show whenever they want, following an agreement struck today with video-on-demand distributor iN Demand Networks

Financial terms of the three-year deal weren’t disclosed but it includes exclusive TV rights to The Howard Stern Show -— meaning the only place viewers can find Mr. Stern’s new TV broadcasts are on video on demand. The VOD network has distribution agreements with Time Warner, Comcast and Cox, but it didn’t rule out further expansion

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