Thursday, August 18, 2005

The 14 Essential Mobile Blogs

My physical world compatriot Russell Buckley and the well-known mobile writer from The Feature, Carlo Longino have put together a list of the 14 Essential Mobile Blogs and how to read them on your mobile.

Both these guys write some amazing stuff and I have noted their works on PP.

I'm flattered that the Pondering Primate is listed with these sites.

What they have done is listed their top 14 Mobile Blogs and teamed up with the guys behind Free News and come up with our very own RSS Reader

- FREE to all MobHappy readers - the full version costs $20 a year.

Instructions for downloading are at the end of this post

But that's not all. Our RSS Reader includes 14 other essential mobile blogs that we've chosen for your delight and edification

Here's a run down of the list:

i-mode Business Strategy. No one can fail to notice that much innovation in mobile comes from Japan. And historically, i-mode has done a lot of that innovation. It's therefore pretty essential to follow what's happening there and these guys do a great job of keeping us all up to speed with events.

MobHappy and the link blog. Well, we weren't going to get left out of our own gig :-) The link blog is stuff we think is interesting, froody or quirky enough to be worthy of your interest, but which we don't really have anything to add to.

Mobile Burn. Michael focuses on the really important stuff - with a handset bias.

Mobile Weblog. Russell started this site, but Oliver Starr has ably taken over with news and insightful comment.

MocoNews. Another highly authoritative and comprehensive news source, with some incisive comment thrown in. Sister site of the prolific Paid Content.

Om Malik's Broadband Blog. Om is highly prolific and his inside knowledge and vast array of contacts means that he's often breaking important news.

Phone Scoop. Important news and comment from the mobile world.

The Pondering Primate. Makes us think, with a constant stream of new ideas.

Russell Beattie. It's a little known fact that to be a great mobile blogger, you need to be called Russell and have a surname beginning with B. This Russell focuses on usually one quality post a day and very much opinion based. We say it's essential to know what he's thinking.

SmartMobs. This multi-authored blog, led by Howard, is a news based blog covering how mobiles are changing the world. Inspired by Howard's book of the same name, it's essential reading.

TechDirt Wireless. Carlo's other blogging gig and a must-read for mobile enthusiasts. Mike Masnick also has an annoying habit of pinching our stories - before we write them, leaving us with nothing more to add.

Textually. Emily's blog empire also includes Picture Phoning and Ringtonia which combined cover everything there is to know about mobile news.

Tom Hume. One of the oldest blogs in the UK and winner of a Net Imperative blogging award, no less. Always something new here, which you won't find anywhere else.

We may update all these from time to time and we'll certainly feature a new Guest Blog pretty regularly. You don't need to do anything to get this new content, by the way. Just carry on using the reader.

How to Download Your Free MobHappy Browser

It's pretty simple actually.

Just point your phone's browser to and download the application. Or if you're a download and sych to your phone kind of person, point your computer's browser here.

Most phones are supported, but it doesn't work on Verizon and if you have a Treo, you'll need to download Java. For a more complete guide to compatibility, click here.

That's it. We hope you enjoy your RSS Reader. Tell your friends!

The MobHappy RSS Reader is for you, so if you think we've left someone off or would like to nominate someone for a guest slot, leave a comment or email us

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Monica Nilsson said...

"Van the Man" why being so modest? PP is definately "one of the 14"!
- Mon

Scott Shaffer said...

Labeled as one of the essential mobile blogs AND a compliment from the hottie at OP3?

Day doesn't get much better than that:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Vangorilla! Who says hard work and a thing for mobile concepts do not pay off?


Scott Shaffer said...

Thanks KoKo. Some of the other names on this list are some of my rec'd daily reading.

Stay tuned, I will be exposing some exciting technologies/companies in the mobile space that will open many eyes and drop lots of jaws shortly.

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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David Martin said...

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Giles said...

Can these blogs be viewed on an iPhone mobile, I thought most can't with problems with screensize and flash.

Anonymous said...

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