Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Aura's Hypertags Loved By Consumers

More physical world connection being used for mobile marketing.

The recent launch of the Gorillaz single - Dare- by EMI Music Australia added Hypertag™ to the conventional promotions mix and more than 3,300 consumers received a free Gorillaz-Dare ringtone downloaded from a bus shelter advertisement using Hypertag™ technology

The campaign was developed by EMI Music Australia in association with technology service provider, AURA , and outdoor media company, Adshel.

Selected bus shelters in Sydney and Melbourne where chosen to display interactive Gorillaz posters with embedded Hypertag™ technology. Hypertags™ are short-range wireless devices mounted in the advertising posters. Consumers can activate the infrared or bluetooth component in their phones to download music or ring tones from the poster.

The number of interactions for this campaign more than doubled the previous campaign for the 'War of the Worlds' delivered through the Adshel network in June.

When will we see this in The States?

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