Tuesday, November 22, 2005

RepeatSeat And Mobiqa Offer Mobile Marketing

Mobile phone + Barcode = many mobile marketing opportunities.

From CCN Matthews RepeatSeat issues shares to Mobiqa

RepeatSeat Ltd. is pleased to announce the issuance of 37,884 shares, to its partner in mobile ticketing Mobiqa as payment under our agreement to enable RepeatSeat to utilize Mobiqa's technology as part of its service offering.

Through its partnership with Mobiqa, the innovative world leader in the delivery of secure bar-coded tickets and coupons to digital cell phones and digital devices,
RepeatSeat is now capable of providing mobile ticketing capabilities exclusively throughout the North American Market.

This innovative technology allows our valued customers to receive tickets for movie theaters, live events, and excursions directly to their cellular phones, eliminating the need to print, collect or process traditional paper tickets.

RepeatSeat is very excited that the partnership has now developed the capability to deliver tickets across both the CDMA and GSM Protocols thereby enabling the majority of phones in North America." said George Davidson, President of RepeatSeat

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