Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cingular And Motorola Offer Mobile Scrolling News

This is more than a great application, it's a sign that service providers are offering more content (more revenues) and trying to keep users connected to their portal.

From Yahoo Cingular puts scrolling news onto mobile phone screens

Cingular Wireless and Motorola Thursday are expected to unveil an always-on data service, called "Live Ticker" that will send scrolling text and images to the bottom of cell phone screens.

The Live Ticker feature is seen as the latest incarnation of push technology.

If they want to find out more about a Live Ticker headline, they'll have to open their Web browser to read the whole story -- for a fee. Live Ticker will initially offer about 10 content channels for subscribers. CNN, ESPN, E Online, the Weather Channel and Univision are providing the content

If you're a news service why share the revenues with Cingular. There's a way a FOX or MSNBC could disrupt this. Do you think they will figure it out in time?

All you need is a creative mobile marketing campaign.

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