Monday, November 21, 2005

Send A Barcode VIA SMS

This opens up numerous mobile marketing opportunities.

From ValueFirst Messaging launches mobile barcode services

ValueFirst Messaging Private Limited, a leading MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), has launched a pioneering service of delivery of barcodes on mobile phones.

With the launch of this service, ValueFirst customers will be able to send a barcode on end-users’ mobile phones. The service provides the ability to send encoded seven digit numbers in a barcode form on mobile phones, readable by standard barcode readers.

Along with the barcode, a 120 character text message can be sent giving description of the offer in the barcode.
Many of the media and marketing companies are already in contact with ValueFirst to offer this service to their customers.

This service is available in India for now, but I can see the huge mobile marketing opportunities it will present in The States.


Anonymous said...

Readable by standard barcode readers? I don't think that's true. What breaktrough have they made that allows this?

Scott Shaffer said...

From their release.

"The service provides the ability to will be able to send encoded seven digit numbers in a barcode form on mobile phones, readable by standard barcode readers"

Anonymous said...

How is this different than solution offered by Mobiqa and others in UK.

Anonymous said...

They claim it, I know, I'm just not sure I believe them. It's hard to get a laser to read an image made of light, and I am not sure what they could do in the delivery of the barcode to change that. Maybe it works, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe it does work with an ordinary scanner, Mobiqa says theirs does. What do I know about optics anyway.

Scott Shaffer said...

I think we can all agree..this application will offer some terrific mobile marketing ideas.

Anonymous said...

To Van Gorilla,
I just didn't know if you were trying to say with this post that this is the first really viable implementation of mobile barcode. Many claim it.