Monday, November 28, 2005

CueCat Has Nine Lives

The CueCat was a great concept, but didn't have the right tool for execution, until now. A camera phone and a physical world hyperlink (barcode, logo, RFID tag) can offer Internet access.

From The CueCat is back

The ill-fated CueCat bar-code reader has been reincarnated as a cell-phone application that recognizes corporate logos.

Distributed to millions of magazine subscribers, the scanner redirected readers to advertisers' web pages after they scanned a bar code printed in the magazine.

Mobile marketing campaigns are starting to offer physical world hyperlinks as a great way to interact with the consumer.

"We hyperlink the visual world," said Harmut Neven, NevenVision's CEO. "Users should come to expect that every billboard is not just a billboard -- it's a big shining link to mobile content."

Notice how we are seeing more press coverage about the physical world being connected to the electronic one. It's only a matter of time till brands realize how big a role this will play in mobile marketing.

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