Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last Gasp For AOL?

Maybe AOL is realizing they have a goldmine with their Instant Messenger. Is it too late though?

Today AOL added 2 new "bots" or buddies to the buddy list. ShoppingBuddy and MovieFone are two new users/services you can use w/ your instant messenger.

Could the AOL IM or any other IM provide a better way to receive mobile info?

Will AOL's "keywords" actually be useful for the mobile?

How many mobile phones is the AOL IM on? Would you sign up for a free AOL account just for convenient mobile info service using the IM?

When you send an IM to "shoppingbuddy" you receive a a response for a menu. The options are self-explanatory, but there's another thing they ask for. AOL is trying to offer an "opt-in" feature for these services/alerts.

There are a few great applications that AOL could offer with this IM that might stop the increasing subscriber departure.

WSJ (Wall Street Journal, AOLYellowPages) are a couple IM

Thoughts, comments?

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