Saturday, November 12, 2005

Carnival Of The Mobilists #5

This week Carnival of the Mobilists was hosted by Troy Norcross of Consumer Preference.

I am seeing new names (and putting them in the Bloglines account) for mobile input. As always, if there's a topic or company you want me to cover, send an email.

Make sure you place your votes on what type of format we should offer.

Contributors for this week (Blog Roll)

Walter Adamson from
Dennis at WapReview
Howard at SmartMobs
Mike B at iRadioWaves
Vangorilla at the Pondering Primate
Darla Mack - the Mobile Diva at her personal blog
Alan Moore from Communities Dominate
Russell Buckley from MobHappy
Rudy De Waele over at M-Trends
C. Enrique Orit'z at his personal blog
Ajit from Open Gardens
David Taylor at Mobile Marketing Magazine
Oliver from Mobile Weblog
And me... Troy at Consumer Preference formerly SpamToGo

Next Week - Look for the Carnival of the Mobilists to be hosted at the Pondering Primate! Be sure to submit your entry for next weeks Carnival of the Mobilists by e-mail to mobilists (at) or you can use the online submission form. Next weeks entry deadline is 16-Nov at 9PM PST. -- Go on... send something! You know you want to!

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