Monday, November 21, 2005

Get Maps Sent To Your Phone VIA SMS

From NetImperative Multimap debuts map to mobile service

Multimap to launch a ‘Map to Mobile’ service, letting users transfer maps to their mobile rather than having to print out a copy.

Visitors to can request that a URL of a particular map be sent to their mobile phones via SMS, by clicking on the mobile phone icon that appears above a map of interest.

Users are then asked to text the selected map’s unique code, as appears on-screen, to 84140. By return, they receive a text message containing a URL of the map.

This seems cumbersome. If you're at your PC, wouldn't it be easier to print the map and see it on an 8x11 piece of paper than a 2 inch screen?
This might be valuable if you're out and want a GPS map and need directions.

Maybe a SMS for map service? Send a text to WRAMI (hypothetical Where Am I ?)with zipcode or address and get link for map.

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