Friday, November 18, 2005

Can eBay Get A Refund For Skype Purchase?

Add another VOIP player to the picture, Google's Base and that $2.6B that eBay spent on Skype seems even more troublesome.

Sony launches Free VOIP service

The electronics giant launched a free Web-based phone service on Wednesday called Instant Video Everywhere, designed to link users of the service via their computers.

Sony said it will also offer to connect IVE users to landlines and cell phones for a monthly fee of $9.95.

I wonder, will eBay's purchase of Skype be the equivalent of Time Warner's AOL merger? One powerful player already established buying an upcoming player in an emerging technology space.

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Anonymous said...

The Sony IVE service is literally the next generation of Skpe and has totally blind sided Skype management. And, with all the issues they seem to be having with the e-bay integration they're not even well positioned to try to keep up. Bye, bye Skype - hello Sony!