Friday, November 04, 2005

A New Opportunity For SMS?

This opens up some possibilites. SMS service that ties the PC and the cellphone for instant messaging.

Here's what I wonder. If you can instant message using SMS between a PC and a cellphone, could you use an SMS instant message service/application to interact with a website?

If a cell phone can interact with Microsoft's Explorer thru SMS, could a cell interact with a website this way too?

AOL COULD turn their AOLIM instant messenger into a mobile info application if they had ANY CREATIVITY.

Can this be done?? Let me know

SMSActive Technologies pleased to announce that it has principally agreed to a partnership with a Chinese company to provide connections to all major wireless operators in China for its new T-Bar SMS IM (instant messaging)product.

The SMS T-Bar provides PC users with the ability to send SMS messages
from the Microsoft Internet Explorer's menu bar to wireless users anywhere in
the world and receive replies directly from the receiving wireless device
. The
reply will come back directly to the Microsoft Internet Explorer on the PC's

This new SMS messaging platform is scalable to support virtually
unlimited numbers of messages and subscribers on a daily basis


Anonymous said...

Yes, this can be done. With IM development tools coming from Akonix and IMLogic, a company can easily create a 'bot that allows them to expose most of the relevant functionality on their web site to a conversation based IM interface.
This is coming quickly, particularly in the customer service and support space. AOL will be the leader here -- any idea why?

Scott Shaffer said...

AOL has their instant messenger on how many phones already?

They also have 20m plus subscribers that could tap into this using their "AOLYELLOWPAGES" buddy contact.

AOL is sitting on a great opportunity, will they grab it, or will they let Google and their creative minds find a way to tap it?

carlo said...

This should be possibly already with an AIM bot... the Wall Street Journal has one that sends stock quotes and news stories and the like.

Scott Shaffer said...

If that's the case, then that's ANOTHER reason why Google should buy AOL.


Somebody with some creativity registers a shortcode (very easy to remember word) and ties it into a search/info related website relevant to mobile.

"Stitch" Oliver Starr said...


The code to do this is freely available as open source. I even have snippets of it saved on a server somewhere.

There's another cool additional application that is built into Jyve, a tool used with Skype that you can integrate into websites (or blogs) that indicates your status on Skype (presence). The problem with SMS to Web without that is that the mobile device user has no way to query the end website to see if someone is there or not. If you don't mind sending messages that are more like "instant push email" that's cool, but if you want an answer right away the killer application is still click or push to talk, with hours of operation clearly available to the end user or with an auto-responder on either sms to web or click to talk such that you don't send off a query and wait and wait and wait for someone far away to get back to you...

Oliver Starr