Friday, November 11, 2005

Who Will See The Value In AOL First?

This should give you a reason why Microsoft and Google are salivating over AOL. With this purchase, either one will have the 80-90% of the best demographic for consumption.

AOL came out with their Third Annual Instant Messaging Survey and the results are not surprising to me.

I have spent many months asking teenagers what things they want and do on their cellphones.

Many Americans sending as many - if not more - IMs than they do emails. Because it's immediate.

They would also like to consume entertainment content within their IM service and 20 percent saying they would like to use IM to make voice calls to landlines and cell phones alike.

The question I have is how many AOL Instant Messengers are on mobile phones today?
How many have been used at least once.
What percentage of 34 and under have unlimited texting/Internet service plans.

The answer to those questions will show Google or Microsoft how valuable AOL could be.

Do you use AOL IM on your mobile phone? Do you have it?

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