Monday, November 07, 2005

Mobile Marketing Is Coming

Brands and advertisers should ask themselves, "Am I ready?"

From Network World Get ready for mobile marketing

* The mobile phone is positioned to become the dominant e-commerce platform.

* There are more than 2 billion mobile phone users worldwide. The number of mobile phones sold each year - more than 600 million - dwarfs the number of PCs sold

* Mobile phone operators are sitting on a marketing gold mine

* The average consumer might be willing to trade a little privacy for lower phone rates and some cool applications.

* The mobile phone operator's most valuable asset is its billing system

* Some unique mobile marketing applications are emerging.

Semacode has developed a technology that connects camera phone users to a vendor's Web site when they point the camera at a special bar code containing the URL and clicks.

Mobot takes that concept a step further with its visual search technology: The user photographs a product label and is connected to related information and offers.

It's a safe bet that hundreds of millions of users will accept some targeted marketing in exchange for service discounts or other perks. THIS IS KEY.

When a perk is offered, THEN the user will give permission for mobile marketing.

Yes, mobile marketing is coming.

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Anonymous said...


You bring up a great point. Wireless Service providers are sitting on a gold mine and they don't even know it. I would gladly allow advertising to my mobile for products/services that I use - especially when shopping, at point-of-purchase/decision time and any time afterwards for specific technical information in exchange for a lower monthly bill.

Taking it a step further, I hope the day comes soon that I can receive a 1/2 off latte coupon to my mobile as I drive by Starbucks or the current specials at restaurants that I like to frequent.

Glad to see you back :)