Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cell Phones The New Advertising Medium

This seems a little obvious, but it's good that research organizations like Jupiter and In-Stat are recognizing it. If you could place advertising on an Ipod, mobile marketing would already be here.

Most don't see that the cell phone will be the most coveted real estate for advertising.

Cell phones emerge as new advertising medium

Advertising is a highly competitive market with corporations constantly searching for an edge. As a result, select firms are now trying to reach customers via a new medium: cell phones.

"Companies are using text messages to notify customers of special deals and banner ads to sponsor items, such as ring tone downloads," noted Julie Ask, research director at Jupiter Research.

Google can't put a sponsored link on a cell phone, so how will they sell advertising?

I firmly believe that this is what the new metric will be for mobile marketing.


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Scott Shaffer said...

Remember I said the next space Google would enter would be classifieds?

Is it making sense now?

What is the next area Google needs to tap? I'll give you a hint, it has over 2b screens.

Anonymous said...

I know.

No wonder Google wants to expand via Google Base in todays news.,2933,175698,00.html


Anonymous said...

Try again.

Google Base on Foxnews