Tuesday, November 15, 2005

TV Meets Texting

This is one way that advertisers can leverage the TV ads to start their mobile marketing campaigns.

You can watch a live sports, music or entertainment show where advertisers, sponsors, content owners and broadcasters can directly communicate with their target audience.

Txtstation Global Marketing has now brought this dream to reality. Through the development of unique global marketing solutions that incorporates advanced technology, Txtstation provides real time interface with the audience.

Txtstation deployed the first ever SMS-based promotion for Major League Baseball, the Seattle Mariners and the Fox Sports Network. During the 10-day TXT trivia promotion, different question posed at games each day.

This is much more effective than making people go to their PC and type in a website for more info or to participate. I expect to see this more frequently.

For example. The Apprentice is promoting the Tide-To-Go pen. Instead of remembering the name of the website, just send a text for more info.

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