Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cameraphone And Barcode A Powerful Tool

Another news medium is recognizing how powerful the camera and barcode combination will be. At this point it's a matter of educating the "early adopters" before the masses utilize this.

From US Ringing up the best bargain

It turns out those cameras built into almost every new mobile phone actually are good for something: They can recognize bar codes and use that information to connect to websites.

"Your cellphone is your mouse, and you surf the real world," says Joe Jensen, marketing director of NeoMedia Technologies, one of the companies exploring the potential of using cellphones for shopping with the software it offers at

Competition is already forming to deliver the best mobile phone shopping technology: Almost 5,000 early adopters have visited www.scanbuy.comto download a test version of that company's Scan Zoom technology, which lets them link bar codes on products to such sites as Amazon and Pricegrabber.


Gavroche said...

I am surprised at all of the mentionings of Scanbuy as of late with no mention of the patent infringement suit filed against them by Neomedia ( It just seems to me that this is an important court case to follow for those who are interested in this tech. The ramifications are quite large in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Scanbuy doesn't own the bridge to this technology-NEOM does. The recent settlements have proven that NEOM owns the rights and IP. Scanbuy-although private-deseverves little credibility.