Monday, November 21, 2005

The Future Of Mobile

Japan and South Koreas early mobile adoption allows us to see what mobile applications will work in Europe and The States.

From New Straits Times The 3rd screen

I've highlighted a few lines.

The littlest screen may indeed be the biggest in the near future.

Mobile interactive advertising is getting increasingly popular in Japan and South Korea. A simple advertisement (with a specific code) can actually be a gateway of sorts for detailed information about a specific brand.

Notice it's called "interactive". When has an advertiser ever had the ability to interact with a consumer at anytime or anywhere?

Users have to simply feed in their code on their mobile phones and they are taken to a website where they can compare, buy, and even pay, through their mobile phones. Soon, they can just click on a code.

All this is not spam. The choice is entirely yours if you wish to know more about a particular brand or product.

A give-and-take relationship, based on trust, must be established to turn mobile marketing into a "win-win" proposal for all parties involved, including the users.

Marketers need to realise that mobile marketing isn’t about intrusively interrupting someone with a marketing message, but engaging the user with the interactivity.

Maybe eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and Google need to brace themselves for the next wave. Instead of bracing themselves, they should try to ride it. This wave will be a biggie.

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