Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gates's "Sea Change" Memo Doesn't "SEE Change

Sorry Bill, but I don't think you really "SEE change".

Bill Gates unveiled his sea change memo to his top-level executives.

Gates urged company leaders to "act quickly and decisively" to move further into the field of offering such services, in order to best formidable competitors.

"The next sea change is upon us," Gates wrote to executives.

I now know Microsoft is in trouble.

Not once in this memo did he outline Microsoft's plans for the mobile market. In a memo outlining transformation, he fails to see the real transformation of information and services becoming mobile.

There are more cellphones than PCs. The market for services/information on these will be enormous.

Yahoo and Google are racing to introduce services for this new medium. Where is Microsoft?


Anonymous said...

How about Windows mobile, the OS for the mobile phone?
Symbian is losing supporters, so that basicly leaves Linux and Windows.
Could it be that Microsoft is planning the same tactics for mobile as it did with the desktop...meaning integration of apps within the OS and sell it cheap to vendors?


Anonymous said...

Do you realize you are telling the world's richest man he doesn't know what he's doing? And all you do is have a blog where you solicit for jobs and peddle wallpapers?

Larry said...

Some people can not see the forrest for the trees. Maybe Bill needs some help in that Area.
Well said PP

Scott Shaffer said...

I love it. I got some feathers ruffled.

Yes, I am telling the world's richest man he doesn't know what he's doing.

I couldn't get him on the phone this morning so I thought I would relay it on my blog, which of course he reads regularly.

In fact Bill buys all of his wallpapers through my site.

Companies that are doing a great job, don't need to have special meetings, restructure and issue urgent memos.

Robert Scoble said...

It's not the first time Gates has written such a memo.

We've been told we're in trouble before.

We ARE being disrupted. But, if you know you're being disrupted are you really being disrupted? Think about that one for a moment.

Scott Shaffer said...

Robert Scoble from Microsoft. I guess I did ruffle some feathers today.

Robert, knowing a problem exists and addressing it are two different things.

You have a great summary of Google and MSFT.

I will add that I think Google's sucess comes from allowing content to be created and shared.

If you thought they had domination with 700m PCs, wait until they dominate 2B cellphones.

It may not be Google that dominates mobile, but IT COULD BE MICROSOFT.

If Microsoft ever wants to hear what the Pondering Primate thinks...

You have to admit, by not mentioning your mobile initiatives, you're not addressing the "big change" that's coming.