Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nextcode Offers Physical World Connection To Critical Mas

From Wireless Week

Nextcode Corporation, a provider of optical barcode scanning solutions for cameraphones, announced that Critical Mas NZ signed up to use Nextcode's technology to provide users with ways to access and exchange information.

With Nextcode, you can turn traditionally passive marketing vehicles like ads, posters, collateral — even TV commercials — into active, revenue generating, data mining resources that capitalize on the new generation of mobile users and services.

With a single click on any camera phone, users can bypass the entire key-in process and go straight to the information they seek.

Critical Mas also agreed to represent Nextcode products and services in select Asia-Pacific regions as part of the deal.

Symbianone has a nice summary of this deal

With Nextcode’s ConnexTo™ technology, standard camera phones can read two-dimensional codes published in print materials, on computer screens and on TV.

Nextcode’s technology provides an ideal platform for quickly and easily deploying widespread consumer and business applications that use standard camera phones.

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