Thursday, November 17, 2005

Microsoft Buys Mobile Marketing 5th Finger

This is good to see. Microsoft is realizing the mobile is where the big growth lies. If you can't figure out how to enter an industry, buy somebody that can.

Will Microsoft and5th Finger allow them to give Google the middle finger when it comes to mobile marketing?

Online media company Ninemsn has acquired Australia's mobile marketing solutions company 5th Finger Pty Ltd

Ninemsn chief executive Martin Hoffman said the purchase is part of the trend for marketers to utilise the mobile phone as a distribution tool for content and advertising

Ninemsn is a 50/50 joint venture between Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd and Microsoft Corp.

From 5th's website.

"Mobile communication is now a serious business, as it is fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Mobile is more direct and personal than traditional communication and distribution channels and no company can afford to ignore mobile, or the potential revenues or cost savings it represents, as part of their business model"

Some of 5th's other accomplishments.

• First-to-market with SMS on Radio
• First-to-market with interactive SMS TV
• First location based service
• First promotion to exceed 2.5 million entries

The next thing Microsoft needs is a killer application for mobile that 5th can utlize for their mobile marketing campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Fifth finger
Middle finger
Index finger
Ring finger

Go finger---What's next?

Or more correctly, Who's Next?

No Name said...

Only the "hands of time" will tell.

Want to know what I would do next?

Anonymous said...

Yes PP
I would like to know what you would do next.

Anonymous said...

I think I got it.

Hire Rollie Fingers!

Anonymous said...

I would partner with someone who had the killer app and the patents to go with it...and I would do it ASAP before GOOG or someone else who is large enough beats them to it....