Thursday, November 24, 2005

TiVo Does RFID

I have done extensive amount of research on the RFID space, but don't post too often about it.

From InformationWeek TiVo files patent for RFID recorder

The patent is for a personal video recorder that recognizes viewer preferences through an RFID chip embedded in clothing, jewelry, or somewhere in "the user's body."

The multimedia mobile personalization system would have a remote control that recognizes the viewer's RFID tag closest to the PVR.

The remote control device would identify and link the viewer to the system using an "RFID tag that is attached to a key ring, necklace, watch, in his wallet, or even a sub dermal tag inserted somewhere in the user's body."

I see RFID playing an enormous role with many technologies.

Tell me if you want my insights on companies and strategies associated with RFID on The Pondering Primate.


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Good Morning PP Happy Thanksgiving
Yes I would like to hear your RFID ideas and any thoughts on hidden gems that might be a up and coming players in that arena.

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