Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Advertising Predictions For 2006

24/7 Real Media gave their online advertising predictions for 2006.

A couple that caught my eye.

4. Brand advertisers will drive the next wave of growth for the paid search market

5. Best practices in localized mobile marketing will be perfected overseas in 2006

Wireless carriers will soon deploy services with the ability to pinpoint local audiences and serve them targeted local advertising using enhanced, searchable "yellow pages" functionality. These markets will not only see the emergence of new use models, but also new business models

9. Mobile carriers will adopt new ad models to boost revenue beyond usage

SMS will be utilized primarily as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool for advertisers to continue dialog with existing customers much in the same way email is currently utilized. Ad standards will also begin to shake out for WAP display ads through the efforts of the major carriers, service providers and mobile industry group, MMA.

I will add one to the list.

10a. A new mobile search/information application comes along that becomes the "Ad-Sense for mobile" and will be bigger than Google.

Do you have a 2006 prediction for mobile advertising?


Anonymous said...

Yes, mobile marketing explodes in 2006 on mobile phones and devices as advertising dollars leave traditional marketing methods and the business world wakes up to the fast changing marketing environment (adopting a new marketing model - change or be left behind)

Anonymous said...

N...early E...veryone O...n M...obile--(get the secret message?)

No Name said...

"advertising dollars leave traditional marketing methods ", OR they incorporate their current advertising methods with a mobile marketing platform.

When you can leverage ALL FORMS of advertising with the mobile, AND form a direct connect with the consumer, you get the most powerful form of advertising.

When this happens, the dollars advertisers spend on keywords and AdSense will be dwarfed by this application...hence the "next Google"

Anonymous said...

Do you think this company that will offer "ALL FORMS" is already formed and on your list

No Name said...

I think when every form of advertising can be leveraged by using the mobile phone, the "next Google" is formed.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a company on your list that is just about there in being able to leverage every form of advertising by using the mobile phone.