Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Do 2B and 700m Have In Common?

Yesterday my post about Microsoft not "seeing change" got some feathers ruffled. The Net is going mobile, that is the change you need to "see".

There's a better way of making my point. There are 700m PCs and 2b cellphones. What happens when the cellphone can control or access the PC?

The Google stronghold continues. A mobile phone can now access a PC using Google Desktop Search. Think of it as PCAnywhere for the mobile.

TactileTech Discusses Avvenu Mobile Search

Avvenu has announced that its new remote access and sharing service lets users search their desktop computer from any web-enabled mobile device using Google Desktop Search, a free downloadable application from Google that gives users the ability to search for information on their computers.

Once users search their computer, Avvenu lets users select a file from the search results and immediately view, share or download the selected file on their mobile device.

"Avvenu's service is making the mobile device an increasingly compelling computing platform," said Dr. Gerry Purdy, principal analyst at MobileTrax. "Avvenu's solution allows users to easily search, view and share all of their important documents from a mobile device."

There's ANOTHER reason to install the Google Desktop Search.

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Anonymous said...

I think it misses the point that the net is (or will become) the main computer. PC's and Mobiles are only devices that connect to the main pc.
On this main computer we keep our files on a private or public "parking-lot".
We're just starting in that direction with Flickr - Gmail - Blogs - Bittorrent - etc.

We're building this giant "database" where all the world's information will be organised, stored and universally available and used by our Personal Assistant who resides on the net whom we can call from any device anywhere IMO.