Monday, November 21, 2005

Microsoft Has Mobile Search

Microsoft just doesn't get mobile.

Microsoft introduced their Windows Live Mobile Search beta.

Windows Live Search beta for mobile devices lets you use your Web-enabled mobile device to search the Web for almost anything you’re looking for, just like on a PC.

Search results are formatted to fit on your phone’s itty-bitty screen, so you can actually read them easily.

To sign up to try out Mobile beta Click here

This is all wrong. You need to sign up to test it? You also need an MSN Hotmail Email address to get an invite?

Tell Scoble this service is out and you will have more than enough people testing it.

The whole point of a mobile info service is EASE OF USE. If you have a good mobile service, the word will spread.

Wrong wrong wrong.


Anonymous said...

It's more than wrong, it's downright embarassing that Microsoft believes that is what mobile search is about. How out of touch are they? I thought the title of your article should have ended with a couple of ??

Scott Shaffer said...

I think I had made it quite clear that Microsoft is out of touch with regards to the mobile industry.

Don't want to make them too mad :)