Monday, November 07, 2005

Google Introduces Local Mobile

Another sign that Google will beat Microsoft to the mobile phone.

However, there is one key piece that Google needs to implement this. Anyone know what that is?

From USA Today Google brings maps to phones

LOS ANGELES — Internet search giant Google introduces its first downloadable cellphone application on Monday, bringing its acclaimed map technology to phones

And the race to get on the mobile begins, just that easy. You know the guys at AOL are saying today, "why can't we turn our FindMe service into a mobile search?"

With Google Local for mobile devices, users can get colorful, overhead views of a neighborhood and even check a hotel listing to see how close it is to the beach.

Unlike most new cellphone offerings that work on only a handful of phones, Google's application can be used on more than 100 current phones that use the Java Brew programming language

Google's program, like most local wireless applications, is ad-free.

You want to know how Google will earn revenues from this app? I do.


Anonymous said...

An legally enforceable GPS patent?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - let's correct the english and expand it:

You asked what Google needs to implement it - Google needs a legally enforceable GPS patent or a license to use one.

Scott Shaffer said...

They would certainly need that.