Tuesday, November 08, 2005

4INFO Hits The Chicago Tribune

I like to see this. 4INFO is a service I use on my mobile all the time.

Try it for yourself. It's easy to remember 4INFO(44636) . They have loads of categories.

A mobile marketing/info service is getting exposed in another major newspaper. Last month 4INFO was featured inthe sports and weather pages of USA Today to let readers get sports scores and weather.

There is way though that 4INFO could really grab the horns and become the premier mobile marketing company.

Want to know what it is?


Anonymous said...

How about hosting THE shortcode 'directory'?

No Name said...

Good answer, but there's something a lot bigger than that.

Why does Google get so many advertising dollars?

When you figure that out, you will find your "next Google" for the mobile

Anonymous said...

Google gets so many advertising dollars because their search is a more targeted search than other search engines making Google search less time consuming.

Your 'next Google' will have even a more targeted search which will be more like navigation taking the searcher right to the information they are looking for. Not time consuming at all.

No Name said...

The "next Google" is a much more targeted search for information.

A physical world hyperlink is Googles's equivalent to AdSense.

However, what makes it even bigger than current search engines, is that it will ALLOW INTERACTION with the consumer upon permission.

That is why most don't realize how big this really is.

This isn't a one time connection to Nike's website. This is an open, direct , anytime, anywhere interaction between a brand and a consumer.