Monday, November 14, 2005

Playboy Finally Goes Mobile

It's about time Playboy tapped into the lucrative mobile market. FHM, Maxim and others are realizing this represents a great way to start their mobile marketing campaigns.

Text PB to PLBOY (75629) to view the catalog. You will receive a link to WAP page, then click on ringtone, voicetone or image you want. By clicking on the link the purchase goes through you wireless carrier.

Playboy is smart to use an easy to remember short code like PLBOY. They are missing a huge opportunity to leverage this though.

Want to know what I would do next?


Anonymous said...

I would buy relevant keywords in neomedia's word registry. what about you.

Scott Shaffer said...

No, there's something a lot bigger that Playboy can do with their mobile campaign.\
They can do it themselves.

Anonymous said...

What would you do next and what can Playboy do by themselves?

Scott Shaffer said...

I'm speaking to Playboy about that right now.

Lots of ideas...Email me if you want some for your company.