Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google's Trojan Horse For Mobile

I imagine this Jeopardy question someday.

Alex I'll take "Things Microsoft Didn't See Coming for $1000"

Question: How Google controlled mobile advertising without having their own operating system.

Answer: What is Google Local Mobile's free download


This is Google's PC Desktop Search, or Toolbar Part 2.

Do you see the other services/applications Google can offer, once this is on your phone?

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Anonymous said...

Funny and well put. But I'm not sure that their problem is a lack of awareness. There are plenty of smart folks there, and they're paying attention. But I think they're frozen by their own creative and intellectual insularity. They're too entrenched in their belief that they can compete and even dominate whenever they DECIDE to do so. This sort of naive arrogance flows through Gates' recent comments about Google and how MSFT will compete with them and win.

I also think this is why MSFT has been shopping for patents. They're rudderless. And if arrogance and a lack of vision don't do them in, their glacial pace will.