Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Great Mobile Marketing Idea From Taggg

This is creative and quite effective. Taggg found a great way to get permission AND offer a timely mobile marketing campaign.

Taggg has a slurpee party

Mobile marketing company, Captive Interactive, celebrated a summer of playing Taggg by launching the first ever Taggg Flash Slurpee Day.

Media partner POWER 97 ( launched radio spots the day prior to the event, teasing fans about the upcoming event, prompting fans to register via text-message.

The tease from the radio station gives Taggg/Slurpee permission to send SMS. Smart

On Slurpee day, participants were sent a text message at 9:00 am announcing it was Slurpee Day today and to watch your mobile phone for details on how to receive your free slurpee.

Taggg got people to WAIT for a text message..brilliant.

Beginning at 11:00 am and for the entire day messages were sent with details of the top secret location of each slurpee party and a chance at a 975 dollar Grand Prize

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