Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tagit Offers Physical World Connection

Add another player to the physical world connection list.


Tagit allows the end-consumer, when interested or stimulated by any tagged physical media channel he sees, to trigger his own one-on-one interaction with the Web via a camera phone, allowing a wide repertoire of marketing and promotional information and benefits to be "pulled' to him at a time and place of his desire. It is absolutely fascinating."

The process starts with one snap of the camera phone by which a user captures the "tagged" image. The Tagit application software then decodes and enables the user to obtain information about the product or service in both text and visual form


Anonymous said...

hope they are prepared to be a licensee.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i suppose Tagit is a free service. Their main aim seems to be the promotion of the whole idea- not only among final consumers but among businesses as well.