Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gates Discovers New American Business Model

From The New York Times.com Why Bill Gates wants 3,000 new patents

From the file of "We can't beat you through innovation, so we'll eventually take you to court and win because we have more money and patents than you"

The staff of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been deluged with paperwork from Microsoft of late. It was one year ago that the company's chairman, Bill Gates, announced plans to pick up the pace, raising its goal of patent applications submitted annually to 3,000 from 2,000. The company is right on target.

See the patents Microsoft has filed for HERE

Why, because this IS the New American Business Model

Outsourcing by American businesses has moved manufacturing and services to countries with cheaper labor. However, American intellectual property is not outsourced and is being aggressively enforced. Hence, a new business model has developed in the venture capital and technology world. The pure patent play.

Intellectual property is created in America, sold in America, and now aggressively being enforced in America.

Just last week President Bush created a new post to head off intellectual property theft.

The New American Business Model is being created, and all businesses will have to factor this into all decisions.

Story written by I. P. Freely

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