Tuesday, August 02, 2005

TV Show Big Brother Goes Interactive Thru SMS

From The Futon Critic Big Brother 6 goes wireless

I expect to see more TV shows offering this. In fact, if advertisers were smart, they would find a way to incorporate texting into a 30 second ad.

For example, Qtags offers a simple code to remember and all an advertiser would need to do is highlight a word on the screen as the subject title.

User sends higlighted word to Qtags to get more info. It won't stop people from Tivo-ing thru ads, but if they see a neon/highlighted word, they might take a second look

One TV channel could offer this ability for all of its advertisers.

If I was a mobile marketing company I would go to CBS and tell them I could offer this ability by registering "CBSTV" as a short code.

CBS would just ask the advertiser to highlight a keyword in their ad and register it with CBS. Text the keyword and get coupon, video, brochure etc.. sent via email or thru SMS.

See how quickly the 30 second ad could come back to life?

Viewers Can Substantially Impact the Course of the Show via Text Messaging And Voting Through CBS.com

Los Angeles, CA – BIG BROTHER 6 will enter the world of wireless communications by incorporating text messaging and downloadable activities in conjunction with the reality series in the second largest wireless on-TV activity in the United States after Fox's "American Idol" wireless voting.

I can imagine a complete show where users text for results. How about a show that has a bunch of guys and girls and users text to see who they went to go on a date.

If I know the guy's thinking, it will be girl goes on date with another girl. It could be interesting though.

Beginning August 4, host Julie Chen introduces "America's Choice" to wireless subscribers, a key element of the episode that will enable viewers to vote via cell phone text messaging in order to influence the course of the game. In addition to text messaging, THE BIG BROTHER audience will also be given the opportunity to cast their vote on CBS.com

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