Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Symbol Offers Speech Recognition

From PR Newsire Symbol technologies launches speech-recognition mobile computing solution

There's a physical world connection in this application. This story and their involvement with Microsoft's RFID solution could be a powerful combo.

I'll have my thoughts on this in a bit.

Symbol Technologies, Inc., The Enterprise Mobility Company(TM), today introduced new speech-recognition enabled versions of its MC9000 series of mobile computers.

Designed for warehouse and distribution customers that require hands-free operation for speech-recognition and voice-prompted applications, the MC9060-K and MC9060-S models deliver increased productivity and real-time data capture capabilities for enterprise mobility systems

Symbol's new speech-recognition solution offers customers a multi-function device to support multiple data capture functions including voice-recognition, barcode scanning, imaging and keyboard input, providing flexibility to use whichever data capture technology is most efficient to perform the task at hand

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