Monday, August 01, 2005

Wiggle Wireless Interview

I learned about this company from an IronMan race I was in. They offer a targeted, opt-in, mobile marketing service.

The company is mainly focused on athletic events, but I can see how they could branch this out quickly to many advertisers.

WiggleWireless is.........

WiggleWireless has developed a mobile marketing platform(tm) that broadcasts relevant, self-selected information directly to mobile phone users how they want it, when they want it, wherever they are.

Utilizing the most convenient and ubiquitous device known to man, WiggleWireless gives users the freedom to step away from the traditional information sources that tie them down. WiggleWireless uses an opt-in approach, where users select the message categories they want to receive and WiggleWireless then broadcasts the information instantaneously as soon as it's available directly to their mobile phone.

Based in San Diego, WiggleWireless was founded in 2002 by former Qualcomm executive, Jeff Pokonosky.

How frequently do you send alerts on phone ?

It depends on the event and what message categories the users signed up for. Most events generate approximately 10 to 15 messages. When we send relevant content, we focus on how to tell a story over a mobile phone.

It's not like writing a story in an e-mail, on the Internet or in a printed publication, where consumers can read it whenever they'd like. When you send an opt-in text message to a phone, it's immediate, and you're interrupting them. It's possible they're at school or having dinner. You have to be really considerate, and ask yourself, " Is this something they really want?" That's the magic in storytelling and sending content over wireless phones. It's all about frequency, relevancy and respect.

What advertisers are behind this, and how do they get their ad on the phone ?

WiggleWireless has developed a proprietary Mobile Marketing Portal(tm) where relevant sponsors and content providers mutually select to pair up and develop partnerships to deliver mobile marketing services to consumers.

WiggleWireless serves as an aggregator and brokering service enabling content providers and sponsors to utilize the latest in mobile marketing. We believe that the next generation marketing service will offer on-demand branded content that consumers really love to use because it offers opt-in approach.

Currently, WiggleWireless is working with several brand sponsors and will make the announcements soon. The examples of major brands that would benefit from mobile marketing are Nike, Coca Cola and many many others.

Here is how it works: to get their name on the phone, advertisers go on-line to and view the "mobile marketing press kits" from our content providers. Once they have selected the event or publication they can place a media buy through WiggleWireless's Mobile Marketing Portal. Check out our website @ www.wigglewireless .com to learn more on how companies can become a content provider or a sponsor.

There has to be a "time" element associated with this advertising, do you see other avenues besides sport venues?

Absolutely. There are many verticals that will benefit from getting their content on mobile phones as well as sponsors that would want to advertise to their prospective audiences. Besides sports events, some relevant verticals are: radio, TV programs, publishers, gaming, weather channels, traffic, theaters, movies, schools, printed media, education and universities, cooking channels/organizations and more.

After a campaign is over, what do you do with the opt-in database?

Our subscribers must request to receive follow-up email or text messages from WiggleWireless. Additionally, WiggleWireless does not rent, sell or share personal information about its customers.

On average, how many people sign up for this service per event?

Currently, we do not disclose those numbers to the general public; however, we can tell you that our opt-in rate is very high. Also, our advertising is effective because the content we deliver is valuable to the consumer in comparison to the traditional or Internet advertisement media. We find the opt-in approach works really well, because people feel they are free to receive the information they want to, when then want it on the device of their choice.

People receive only the content of their interest - no spam, no intrusion- and that drives their interest.

The benefits to consumers is that they want information in a way they can control and that is convenient, fun, targeted and personal and on the only device they carry everywhere - the cell phone.

The benefits to content providers are that they find additional ways to reach their audiences and generate extra revenues .

Sponsors will benefit because with this new medium they can break through the clutter (and not be ignored the way they often are when they use traditional advertising methods ) ; they also need new ways of reaching their audiences - through the WiggleWireless Mobile Marketing Portal they can increase brand awareness, generate a customer profile opt-in database, drive up attendance to events or visits to a store, improve customer loyalty, extend their reach and increase revenues.

Have other brands/advertisers contacted you with other campaigns?


What are upcoming campaigns Wiggle Wireless will be involved with.

Ironman, Adventure Racing, Cycling, Swimming, Track and Field, soccer, cross country

WiggleWireless will be 3-5 years.

WiggleWireless will become a worldwide multi-media company and a leader in next generation broadcasting services through mobile devices. We will deliver people what U want, how U want it, when U want it, wherever U R(tm)... that's WiggleWireless.

I like their concept for mobile marketing. It's catered to MY interests, I give them permission, and there's some finality to it.

Now if these guys could just get me a spot in Kona...

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