Monday, September 12, 2005

Cambridge Gets Chinese GPS Patent

From Wireless Dev Net CPS secures matrix patent for Chinese LBS market

So I wonder, if a patent is granted in China but never enforced, does the patent really exist?

I can only imagine what the Chinese Patent Office is like.

CPS (Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd.) has secured its first success in the Chinese Patent Office for its Matrix high accuracy location technology.

With Matrix, mobile devices may be located to sub-100m accuracy across all environments in systems using GSM, W-CDMA and China's own 3G technology TDS-CDMA

CPS's technology makes use of the signals radiated by the cell towers to locate the position of a mobile phone. In essence, the travel time of the signal from each cell tower to the handset is measured. Three or more such measurements are sufficient to establish the position of the handset.

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