Friday, September 16, 2005

Wicked Or Wrinkle Mobile Campaign

From Investor's Business Daily Mobile marketers eye ways to connect with wireless users

If you live in NYC you see this billboard in Times Square. It looks a lot bigger on the side of the building.

A recent ad campaign by Unilever's Dove soap brand has generated buzz for using real women in place of models on billboards and print ads. A less-heralded innovation of the campaign is cell phones.

People can send in a text message via their cell phone to vote on whether a photo of an old woman, part of the campaign, is A. wrinkled or B. wonderful. A Dove billboard in New York City's Times Square displays the vote tally.

Those in the ad and wireless industries consider marketing via cell phones a win-win for consumers and companies. Cell phones provide firms a relatively cheap way to reach consumers, who can choose to receive those messages.

They must first get permission. that will be key for any good mobile marketing campaign.

Marketers have reached cell phone users mostly through short text messaging

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