Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What's In Your Mobile Wallet?

I was just saying yesterday that it would be great if you could pay for a service using your mobile and a SMS.

From HinduBusiness ICICI Bank and Visa launch 'mobile wallet'

The new service - mChq - will allow Airtel subscribers in Delhi and Mumbai to purchase goods for as low as Rs 50. Once the product is bought, the retailer sends an SMS to the customer from a special mobile phone mentioning the amount.

The customer then enters his PIN number and sends back an SMS to the retailer acknowledging the amount to be paid. Both the parties get a confirmatory SMS indicating the completion of the transaction

In the first phase, this service will be available to Airtel and ICICI Bank customers in Delhi, Mumbai, & NCR across 100 retail outlets, including departmental stores, restaurants and bookshops and will be expanded to other cities in the coming months.

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Anonymous said...

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