Wednesday, September 07, 2005

SMS For The Radio

Another medium (radio) tapping into mobile marketing. A great idea. I remember a long time ago calling radio stations for contests or song requests and always getting a busy signal This isn't just for contact with the station, but for more info on their advertisers.

I suspect you find more ways that a simple text message can open up a world of new advertising ideas.

I'm thinking about Sirius and XM offering the same type of mobile marketing idea.

When do we start seeing TV introduce SMS besides American Idol and Big Brother.

Let's say FOXNEWS offers text messaging capability for EVERY ad. Make one word on the ad in a different color or bold print and use that as the subject. Send a text to FOXNEWS with subject for more info.

Would it work?

Susquehanna Radio Corp chooses HipCricket to provide full service wireless activity for their 33 radio stations.

"We reviewed the majority of vendors and HipCricket was astandout because of their unique expertise in Radio, they offer a knowledgebase and support service that is competitively priced, and as far as thesystem goes HipCricket has the Ferrari of Text Messaging," Dan Halyburton,Senior Vice President of Operations, Susquehanna Radio Corporation.

The very first use of the system by the Dallasstation, 99.5 The Wolf, generated over 6000 messages in the first 30 minutes.Text messaging enables listeners to easily communicate with the SusquehannaDJs, without getting a busy signal. This is just one of hundreds ofopportunities for radio using the mobile phone .

Thoughts comments?


Allison Gower said...

qtags are offering keywords to all non-profits at no-charge so they can integrate them in any existing print or broad advertising. the text-to number for qtags is always 78247, and the keyword could be the non-profit's name (e.g. 'redcross' or 'umcor') or could be something they choose at random. Radio Stations could use their call letters, e.g. Mix965 and depending on when the keyword 'mix965' is texted, various information is sent, for example, a song title, a donation program or whatever was being discussed at that time on the station. We can do this now.

Scott Shaffer said...

Here's an idea.

Could Qtags offer their tags to the satellite radio players (Sirius and XM)?

Just as there are services that allow you to call a number when a song is on for identification, could every ad say "send SMS to QTAGS with subject XYZ"...

Is that a possibility?