Friday, September 23, 2005

Microsoft Is Evil

File this under "We can't compete anymore so we are going to patent everything and sue to generate revenues".

Isn't it interesting to see the difference between Google and Microsoft. Google is introducing exciting new technologies that can offer advertising. Microsoft is finding ways to impede new technologies in order to help advertisers.

Who will ultimately decide who wins? The Consumer.

From TechDirt Microsoft seeks Pay-to-Tivo patent

Users' fears of TiVo restrictions will only be heightened after reading Microsoft's just-published patent application for Control-based content pricing, which describes a scenario in which viewers are charged higher fees if they skip commercials or replay sports highlights.

The content server receives a view control input from the client device that indicates how the media content is to be rendered and the valuation application adjusts the cost according to the view control input and how the media content is to be rendered.

Which newly created division of Microsoft is in charge of impeding consumer enjoyment.

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