Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Divide And Falter

I find this same logic is used for sports teams in last place. It is the "change your jersey colors and maybe we'll play better" thinking.

Microsoft reorganizes to compete better

At the rate Google is stealing Microsoft executives, Microsoft will just have to consolidate all three divisions back into one shortly.

The changes, the most far-reaching since Chief Executive Steve Ballmer realigned the company into seven business divisions in 2002, are aimed at giving the company "greater agility in the execution of its software and services strategy," Microsoft said in a statem

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Anonymous said...

The old saying " the squeaky wheel gets the grease"(msft)--can be followed by "the fly that buzzes
(goog) gets the (msft) swat". With the -REORG- the "Seven Wonders of the World" have been reduced to Three, -and the "SWAT" seems to be with GOOG's team.
Somebody tell msft that -REORG-
simple means "play it again Sam"- (Steve).